Writer's Guidelines

Theme for 2018: OPEN.

Submit a perspective for an inanimate* object or animal by December 15, 2018. 


Submissions MUST include the following:
  • Email subject reads "Submission Object: _____" or "Submission Animal: _____" Example (Object: Cell Phone), (Object: Tornado), (Animal: Lion)
  • Contact information: mailing address or city/country and phone number to call (in case of email problems--it's happened before and I couldn't publish an author's manuscript)
  • Object or animal must experience an event of some kind (a storm, a rejection, an injury, a happy moment, etc)
  • POV: 1st person (I, my, mine, our, ours, we)

Short stories
  • Insert contact info on manuscript AND email
  • Use strong, vivid word choices to engage the sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste senses
  • Margins (1.5"), double space lines, and indent paragraphs
  • I prefer active vs passive sentence structures  
  • Maximum word count: none

  • Prefer that lines do not begin with all capital letters
  • Submit up to three poems
  • Use poetry techniques (similes, metaphors, comparisons, onomatopoeia, alliteration, etc.)
  • Use proper spacing and punctuation
  • Maximum lines: 30 

Email Guidelines
  • Send submissions to:
  • Subject line reads: "Submission Object" or "Submission Animal" (see above section submissions must include)
  • Acceptable file formats: doc, docx, pdf, rtf or inline
  • I prefer using the comments feature in Word but will use inline text in an email if you're unfamiliar with it.
  • Visit Issuu to see previous editions of Perspectives.

* Kindly leave sexual-related objects for another magazine
If you haven't contributed to previous issues, mention how you found the magazine.
Thank you for following the guidelines!

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