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PM July 2011 Excerpts

Monique Berry | Jewels of the night {observatory, p4}
How can I, this earthbound observatory, express
the ecstatic sensations of gazing into
reflection nebulas, whirlpool galaxies...

Teresa T. Brader | Immobile {cell phone, p5}
I know she stretched in languor
across the silky bedspread
to find me--
drew me close,
pressed the right button...

Monique Hayes | Lining {jewelry box, p6}
You are charmed by my contents. Three silver rings slide down your fingers to explore my velvety lining; it's perfume stains and traces of baby powder mar the corners...

Debbie Okun Hill | Posted and Delivered {love letter, p5}
I fall asleep in an Air Express envelope
black sheet of sky over my head
bright full moon, lunar stamp ...

Dr. C. Douglas Johnson | The Hands that Hold Me {binoculars, p9}
I can be in the hands of a private investigator, hired by a suspicious spouse seeking for proof that her mate it stepping out...

Donna McDonald | Magical Rainbow Vision {kaleidoscope, p9}
... Children gasp in amazement as they take turns looking through my kaleidoscope eye, not only a pattern of light and colors of the rainbow, but all the connections...

Craig W. Steele | Baseball Breakdown {baseball, p10}
... I don't even mind the pitcher's hand--his grip
is stimulating and seductive--except
when he scrunches me into the webbing or grinds
me into the glove, where I get leather-burned. Oww! ...

Rebecca R. Taylor | Musical Memories {violin, p7}
... A family hopes our songs at today's function will trigger something within their mother, Tori--a flash, a fond memory, a favorite scent. Regrettably, she suffers with Alzheimer's Disease...

Anthony Ward | Making Music {pianoforte, p8}
I often observed him admiring me, coming close to brush his tentative hands across my ivories. Sheepishly looking around to see if anyone was watching, vigilantly pressing my keys as if he was expecting me to shriek and expose him as being the impotent fraud that he was... 

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