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1969 Plymouth  My Story, Cynthia Bailey-Rug
1970 Oldsmobile  Sherm's Story, Cynthia Bailey-Rug                                                  
$100 Bill  100 Dollar Bill, Bob Scott                                                                                
Ant  The AntDon Thackery
Antique storybook  Alice's Adventure in WonderlandPeggy Fletcher 
Apple  PickedAmanda Papenfus                                                                                            
Army uniform  Army Uniform to Newborn, Norma West Linder
Art Canvas  Paint Me with Emotion, Shanelle Condon                                              
Atrophied muscle  [OE] IT,  J T Clark
Balcony  My Story, Wilma Seville
Bar stool  Collections, Josh Stewart
Baseball  Baseball Breakdown, Craig W. Steele 
Beer bottle  Lament of a Beer Bottle, Josh Stewart
Binoculars  The Hands that Hold Me, C. Douglas Johnson 
Bladder  [OE] Under Pressure, Sher Scott
Bottle, pill  Overuse, Nathaniel Tower
Bottle, plastic  Feeling Dehydrated, Debbie Okun Hill
Camera  Life Through my LensRebecca R. Taylor
Candle  Waxing and Waning, Rach Loveday
Canvas  The Canvas, Patrick Edwards-Daugherty 
Casket flower  [OE] A Flower Mourns, Benjamin Nardolilli
Castle  [OE] Pellatt's Folly, Debbie Okun Hill
Cat hair  Fluff Ball's Adventure, Jennifer L. Foster 
Catwalk  Catwalk, Susan Grant
Cedar tree  Western Red Cedar, Kim Bannerman
Cell phone  Immobile, Teresa T. Brader 
Cell phone  Rituals, Rachel Loveday 
Chicken egg  And Then There Were Five, Pat Tompkins
Child's foot  Stubbed, Cicily Janus
Coffee cup  Deja Brew, Nikki Phipps

Coffin  A Coffin, Lisa Smith
Comb  Comb, Jennifer Swayze
Confetti  Bridal Shower, Debbie Okun Hill
Courtroom  Turnabout, Sean Young
Covered bridge  Enduring Secrets, Monique Berry 
Credit card  Reaching Limits, Andrea Zappone
Decoy  [OE] The Decoy, Andreas Gripp 
Decanter  A Sophisticated Decanter, Nicki Thomas
Dentures  Inside Secrets, Monique Berry

Desert flower  [OE] Desert Flower, Joyce Muniz

Donkey  [OE] The Ass's Mouth, Susan Phillips

Eagle  Out-of-View, Debbie Mack

Empire State building  [OE] Empire State Building, Gary Beck

Engagement ring  Betrothed, Stephanie Kemp

Eye  [OE] My Dead Twin Brother, Aaron Karmin

Eye glasses  Glassy or Classy, Pervin Chhapkhanwala

Fangs, vampire  I, Crimson Canine, Velvet Fularski

Fire  I Am, Angela Horneber

Fish bowl  [OE] The Fish Bowl's Fantasy, Erin P. Stewart

Fish  The Prison, Christian McPherson                                                             
Flies  [OE] Dinner Theater, Kathleen Gerard

Fly, house  I Spy, Lynda Nash

Flooded Earth  The Earth in Flood, Eva Schultz

Fossil  Rock Fossil, Nicola Easthope

Fruit bowl  Bowl of Fruit, Endashia Fuller                                                        

Granite rock  Interview with a Granite RockRosemary Drisdelle

Grass  GrassCarol Nie

Guitar  A GuitarScott Nie

Guitar  FrettingRhonda Melanson

Hairbrush  A Brush in Time, Peggy Fletcher

House  The HouseWilma Seville

House plant  Wistful Ruminations of an Ordinary House Plant, Stephen Joseph

Janus, the god  In Cold Blood, J. T. Clark 
Jewelry box  Lining, Monique Hayes

Kaleidoscope  Magical Rainbow Vision, Donna McDonald 
Kettle  The Kettle, Joyce Muniz

Knick-knacks  The ThingsS. V. Wolfland
Lamp  One Man's Junk, Another Man's TreasureNikki Phipps

Lifeboat  Looking for a Drink at the Yacht ClubDebbie Okun Hill

Lightning  LightningBrian Cobbledick

Lily  EscapeBranch Isole

Lobster  [OE] A Lobster in a TrapJ Michael Wahlgren
Love letter  Posted and Delivered, Debbie Okun Hill 
Meat  The Butcher's Wife, Randall Pretzer

Microphone  Shiver, Shimmy, and Shake, Andrew Mondia
Mirror  Reflections, Donna McDonald 
Mosquito  Ms. Mosquito, J. S. MacLean

Mounting Board  Not My Quiddity, Mary Belardi Erickson

Observatory  Jewels of the Night, Monique Berry 
Ocean  An Ocean's Love Affair, Debbie Okun Hill

Oreo cookie  Confessions of an Oreo, Sandra Heck

Parchment  Parchment, Brian Cobbledick

Park bench  In Loving Memory, Heather Miller

Pen  [OE] I'm a Pen, Serena Spinello

Penny  At the Bottom, Ken Nie

Penny  [OE] Dropped Penny, Jeanette Marie Sayers

Perspectives Magazine  I Am Perspectives Magazine, Monique Berry

Phone  Just Being a Phone, Marie Julie Berry

Phone booth  A Phone Booth, Bob Scott
Pianoforte  Making Music, Anthony Ward 
Pine tree  Forebearance, Andrea Zappone

Potato  A Potato's Dream, Craig W Steele 
Pumpkin  A Pumpkin's Life, C. D. Reimer

Raindrop  Restless ExodusCarolyn Agee 
Raindrop  A Raindrop on a WindowRoberta Swetlow 

Raindrop  Rain DropHeather Miller

Red, the color  Scarlet RedRebecca Rose Taylor

Rock  I Am a RockCatherine Young

Rocking chair  Song of a Rocking ChairJosh Stewart

Roman denarius  The Ancient OneGeorge Burden

Saddle  A Wester Saddle's Story, Rebecca R. Taylor
Seed  The Journey of Growth, Nikki Phipps                                                   
Seed  Life Bursts Forth, Kamal Parmar

Signature  The Signature's Scroll, Rebecca R. Taylor

Skunk  Outsider, Paul Cech

Snowflake  Snowflake, Wilma Seville

Snowflake  The Secret of Angelica, Jennifer L. Foster

Soul  Most Forgotten, Daniel Meeks

Spider  SpiderAndreas Gripp

Spinning wheel  Interview with a Spinning Wheel, June Gallant                        
Statue  Stone Angel, Bob McCarthy

Stone  [OE] Misfit, Adele Thomas

Stone  [OE] The Smooth Stone, Trista Fennell

Stop sign  [OE] Stop Sign, Roberta Swetlow

Strawberry  Strawberries in Late Summer, Jim Johnstone                                           
Sunset  Returning Home, Kamal Parmar                                                         
Table  Seen from the Floor, Holly Day

Tattoo  We Are TattoosLynn Tait

Teapot  [OE] Teapot with Gothic HandleSarah Raymond (illustration)

Tears  [OE] The Beautiful FormationSarah Kehoe
Teddy bear  Teddy BearDarlene Oakley                                                           
Teddy bear  [OE] A Day in the Life of a Teddy BearRebecca R Taylor

Toad  [OE] Terra FirmaTrisia Eddy
Toilet  All in a Day's Work, C. Douglas Johnson 
Tornado  I Am Tornado, James Gonda

Tower  [OE] Tales from a Tower, Chris Ford

Tree  If I Were a TreeKathy Kubik                                                                   
Tree  From Forest to FireKyle Richtig                                                               

Umbrella  The Umbrella, Debbie Okun Hill
Violin  Musical Memories, Rebecca R. Taylor 

Wedding ring  Ring of Gold's Prayer, Norma West Linder

Wheelchair  Tales of a Wheelchair, Rebecca Rose Taylor  

Wedding Ring  Symbol of Love, Rachel Loveday

Wishing Well  Life of a Wishing Well, Rebecca R. Taylor

Womb  A Womb's Love Song, Monique Berry

Wooden clock  Perspective of a Wooden Clock, Jeremy Olson                             
Words  [OE] Words are Lurking, Renee von Paschen

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