Saturday, January 14, 2017

Calling for submissions

Thank you for your interest in
Perspectives Magazine!

The upcoming issue
will be online
July 5, 2019

I'm calling for submissions with first person viewpoints of inanimate objects*, concepts or animals. The theme is open; you can submit anything.

  • a bridge - what happened on the bridge, how did it feel, what are its innermost thoughts about a conversation it heard while someone was crossing over it, what is its favorite season or time of day, what does it feel like to be walked on
  • a postcard - how does it feel to be written on by a pen, what was written on its back, does it know a secret
  • a bottle with a message - what does it feel like to bob on the water, was it found by someone
  • an escalator - how does it feel to perpetually loop, did it hear a conversation between children/parents/lovers, what was a memorable event
  • a purse - is it claustrophobic or does it like the company of other objects
  • a cloud - what is its perspective as a sunrise or sunset or northern lights
  • a Ferris wheel, a printer, a shoe, a tree . . . the list is never ending!
Ideally, your submission would include dialogue but it's not necessary.
See the guidelines for more information.

I look forward to your creativity and learning more about how objects perceive their world.


* Kindly leave sexual-related objects for another magazine